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Helpful clinical resources for radiation oncology trainees are listed below.

Library Staples:

Perez and Brady 

Gunderson and Tepper

Khan (physics)

Hall (recommended resource for the radiobiology portion of the ABR)

Resident Favourites:

Handbook of Evidence-Based Oncology (Hansen/Roach) aka the BLUE book

Radiation Oncology: A Question Based Review (Hristov) aka the GREEN book

Essentials of Clinical Radiation Oncology (Ward) aka the RED book

Pocket Radiation Oncology (MDACC) - part of the popular Pocket Notebook series 

Online Repositories: (open/crowd-sourced; always confirm with primary source)

Rad Onc Reviews 

Estes Tables

Rad Onc Wikibooks

QA Review:

Radiation Oncology: A Question Based Review (Hristov) aka the GREEN book (same as above)

Radiation Oncology Study Guide (Ord)

Radiation Oncology Self-Assessment Guide (Suh)

Rad Onc QBank (requires purchased membership, useful for studying for the ABR)

Radiation Therapy Study Guide (Heath) (designed for radiation therapists, but useful for rad onc residents also, in particular for CT Sim, treatment setup etc)

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (old exams)

Case-based Review:

ARRO cases (free!)

Difficult Cases and Practical Management (Small)


Radiobiology for the Radiologist (Hall) recommended resource for the radiobiology portion of the ABR

Basic Clinical Radiobiology (Joiner)

Basic Science of Oncology (Tannock)

ARRO radiobiology lectures (free!)

Clinical and Experimental Radiobiology Course (Paid in-person and online course hosted by the University of Toronto)


Raphex exams - excellent physics practice questions designed to help prepare residents for the ABR

Anatomy & Contouring:

RTOG Contouring Atlases 

EContour - Interactive contouring guide from the Radiation Oncology Education Collaborative Study Group (ROECSG), free!

Radiology Assistant (free!)

IAMOS e-anatomy (Paid subscription, very comprehensive imaging anatomy atlas)

HeadNeckBrainSpine (free! Interactive neuroradiology modules)

HeadandNeckRad (free! Head and neck radiology teaching modules from the University of Toronto)

Anatomy and Radiology Contouring (ARC) Bootcamp (Paid in-person and online course hosted by Western University)

Nomograms & Prediction Models:

MSKCC Prediction Tools – Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Cancer Prediction Models – MAASTRO Clinic

IBTR! – for breast cancer (adjuvant radiotherapy)

NHS Predict Breast – for breast cancer (adjuvant systemic therapy)


QUANTEC publication – dose/volume/outcome data for various organs – Red Journal 2010

Emami publication – tolerance of normal tissue to therapeutic irradiation – Red Journal 1991

Wikibooks: Toxicity - open source platform with charts for QUANTEC, Emami, RTOG constraints, and SRS/SBRT constraints among others 

Palliative care:


PPS – Ontario Palliative Care Network

Symptom Management Tools – Cancer Care Ontario



ASTRO Guidelines (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

ASCO Guidelines (American Society for Radiation Oncology)

Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care Published Guidelines

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Guidelines Database (provides a database of various guidelines from around the world)

Alberta Health Services Cancer Guidelines

BC Cancer Agency Guidelines

Cancer Care Ontario Guidelines 

Manitoba Cancer Management Guidelines

Nova Scotia Cancer Management Guidelines

Saskatchewan Clinical Practice Guidelines and Follow-up Guidelines


UWorld - resident favourite!

First Aid for the USMLE series

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